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Stories to Support Starting School

Starting school can be a difficult. You might some of these stories helpful recorded specially for you by our teachers.

The Invisible String

Read by our Deputy Headteacher, Louise Woods.

This lovely story reassures children that even when apart their parents and family are still connected.

I'm Too Absolutely Small for School!

Mel Hand, one of our teachers in Chestnut Class reads a story about Lola starting school for the first time.

Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School

Vicky Johnson, one of our teachers in Chestnut Class shares a well loved story from her family collection.  It's Harry's first day at school.  He and the dinosaurs are very excited - and perhaps a little bit nervous.

Lucy and Tom go to School

Verity Nicholson, one of our teachers in Birch Class, reads a lovely story of how Lucy got on at her new school.

I Forgot to Say I Love You

Mrs Ford, one of our teachers in Birch Class reads a great little story about Billy and his difficult start to the day.

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